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my MFR beginning

Though I am good at what I do (OT and myofascial release), I am not at all good at computer stuff. Consequently, this is my first blog. I would like to begin by just saying that "blog" is an annoying sounding word to me, sounding much like a bodily function. Still, I like the idea. I have decided that my first blog will be about how I came across JFB-MFR.

I was working an internship in hand therapy during my final semester of MOT school. I had a patient with regional sympathetic dystrophy. If you don't know what that is, be thankful. It is painful for these patients for the therapist (or anyone or anything) to even touch the affected parts. I was trying to treat her, but everything I did textbook made her worse. Being the nerd I am, I went on a search. I typed in RSD, and up popped the face of a man who happens to look like my uncle, and his eyes absolutely captured me, so I studied more. I asked questions of my clinical instructors, but they had no idea. I dropped the idea for a time, until 2009, when I had the opportunity to go to one of John Barnes' classes. I was hooked within the first hour. after 3 days, I came home and used it with success with every patient I had, even babies with spina bifida! The anecdotal success stories still amaze me. JFB-MFR therapists believe in the innate ability of the human body to heal itself. We facilitate this self healing. I love this idea, because it plays right into my philosophy as an occupational therapist that my best job is complete when I give back to each patient his/her own power, autonomy, and volition.

To this day, I am thrilled and amazed by each story of healing my patients have to tell me. I learn from each one, I laugh and cry with each one. It never gets old, never EVER gets boring! I am continually amazed by the success of this work. I guess I shouldn't be surprised anymore, but I do so love surprises!

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