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I have had quite a few clients who have long term lingering symptoms from COVID or the vaccine (or both). The most common symptoms that I am treating with JFB-MFR are the "covid legs", the fatigue, tight intercostals and diaphragm and really sore arms. JFB-MFR is being very successful in treating these symptoms, especially the heavy, weak and fatigued legs, the tight rib cage and diaphragm. Patients report their legs working for them, being able to walk without fatigue, being able to get a deep breath and cough productively, more energy and less chronic achiness. At first the relief only lasts 3-4 days, and so my clients have to come at least weekly to be able to engage in their "normal" life activities.

I think (and this is a guess) that the fascial system gets inflammed with COVID, and it tightens in sympathetic response both to the virus and to fear. The lingering symptoms are aleviated because JFB-MFR softens and rehydrates the fascia, returning it to parasympathetic mode, where healing and detox can begin. Taking fascial restrictions off the circulatory and lymph systems along with all the organs goes a long way toward aleviating post-COVID symptoms, of course. My clients are indeed experiencing healing crises which last usually through the evening after the treatments, especially the first few. I am very excited, however, how much better my patients feel, even in the middle of healing crisis!

On another note regarding COVID and such, I treat by appointment only, and am officed alone. My patients are very germ conscious and remain home for an appropriate period after any illness. Typically my patients do not sit and wait for me, unless they show up early (i don't recommend showing up early, as i am very prompt and time-conscious). Obviously my sheets are changed after each patient and washed daily, and common ares wiped daily. Patients who are particularly skittish are encouraged to bring their own sheets and such. This is not an offending issue for me. My office is a very low traffic space and is quite germ safe. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to call me and ask away.

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